Here’s a list of some of the open source projects I’ve worked on:

ChocolateyManager Link to heading

I was tired of manually running chocolatey updates and wanted a more automated way for my updates to just happen in the background. If you are interested in automating your software updates, have a look at the repo.

If you run the update script from windows task scheduler you will get a nice toast message when your updater runs.



Graycord Link to heading

Why? Link to heading

Graylog does a good job as a standalone syslog server but I found a shortcoming where it wasn’t able to send alerts to discord. So, I took on the challenge to dive into python3 and learn all about docker.

How does it work? Link to heading

The script loops on an interval doing api calls to graylog checking for the SEARCH_QUERY that you provide. For example you can specify any search query that you can make through graylog and get that data back to whatever discord CHANNEL you choose.


Unraid - Rclone Backup Link to heading

How does it work? And why? Link to heading

Following the 3-2-1 backup strategy and hosting an unraid server I wanted an automated way to backup core files and folders on my unraid server all while encrypting the offsite data. The solution to this was rclone. I was able to write some scripts that use rclone to do all of this. This solution incorporates logging and alerts in unraid which get sent to a discord server.

Items backed up Link to heading

  • Appdata
  • Flash
  • Network
  • Veeam
Directory Local Offsite
Appdata Weekly (sun 2am) Weekly
Libvirt Weekly (sun 2am) Weekly
Flash Weekly (sun 2am) Weekly
Network Weekly
Veeam MWF Weekly
Manual MWF Weekly


Flask-Weather-Covid Link to heading

What? Link to heading

I wanted to learn about flask during the pandemic.



Thank you for taking the time to check out my projects!